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China in World and Regional Politics. History and Modernity

Founder and Publisher: Institute of China and Contemporary Asia of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ICCA RAS).

ISSN: 2618-6888 (print)
ISSN: 2949-0774 (online)

This periodical edition (collection of research articles) is a peer-reviewed analytical yearbook published by the Institute of China and Contemporary Asia of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ICCA RAS) since 1996. It provides a solid platform for academics, public figures and practitioners to share their in-depths knowledge and assessments of China’s international relations, foreign economic activities and diplomatic history.

The deliberate policy of the Edition is to have a broad thematic and geographical representation. It welcomes contributions not merely by ICCA RAS researchers, but also by outside authors from various parts of Russia (including notably the Far East) and from abroad like China, Central Asia and other countries. Their articles may address fundamental issues which attract high political and media attention, as well as less known but important aspects. This enables the reader to get a comprehensive, detailed and updated picture, comparing various national viewpoints and analytical approaches.

The yearbook is well-known and cited in the synological community, both in and outside Russia, as one of the key ICCA RAS publications. It enters libraries of scientific, governmental, public and higher education institutions as well as Russian on-line libraries.

All articles are assigned Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

The periodical is included in the Russian Scientific Digital Library “eLibrary” and Russian Science Citation Index: https://elibrary.ru/title_about.asp?id=50496

It is also included in the Russian Scientific Digital Library “CyberLeninka.ru”: https://cyberleninka.ru/journal/n/kitay-v-mirovoy-i-regionalnoy-politike-istoriya-i-sovremennost

Branch of science (in the Russian Federation):

03.00.00  History. Historical Science

06.51.00 World Economy. International Economic Relations

11.25.91 Theory and Practices of International Relations, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy of Individual Countries