China in World and Regional Politics (History and Modernity). Issue XXVIII

ISBN: ISBN 978-5-8381-0444-1
Year: 2023
Pages: 272
Link: RSCI

The XXVIII issue of the journal/collection of scientific articles “China in World and Regional Politics. History and Modernity,” published annually by the Institute of China and Contemporary Asia since 1996, includes articles by specialists from six divi- sions of the ICCA RAS and a number of Russian and foreign research institutions. The authors continue analyzing most significant issues of Russian-Chinese rela- tions and foreign policy of the PRC, which have remained topical for many years, and latest developments in the international relations of China as well. A special feature of the issue is the study of China’s role as a driving force in shap- ing a new world order, one of the mechanisms of which appears Chinese Global Secu- rity Initiative. The collection also deals with such a pressing and debatable issue as In- dia’s ability to become the pole of the “tripolar” world. The following topics have also been addressed: China’s current relations with the European Union, in particular with the Baltic states; various aspects of China’s dia- logue with Central Asian countries in the “post-Pandemic” period; China-Pakistan political relations; the specifics of China’s position on the problems of the Korean Peninsula; the strategic partnership between China and the Republic of Belarus, as well as China’s cooperation with North African countries. The following little-studied issues are also covered: interaction between China and Pakistan in infrastructure and energy sectors’ development, role of border crossings in the cooperation between Rus- sia and China on the example of the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, etc. The book also includes works analyzing such issues as Western oriental studies’ ap- proaches to the periodization of China’s foreign policy, some facets of the interna- tional significance of “modernization of the Chinese type”, practical aspects of Rus- sia’s cultural diplomacy with regard to the PRC.