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Year: 2022

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  Institute of China and Contemporary Asia of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ICCA RAS)


History and Modernity


Moscow ICCA RAS 2022

China in World and Regional Politics (History and Modernity). Issue XXVII /Exec. Editor – Elena I.SAFRONOVA. Moscow: Institute of China and Contemporary Asia, Russian Academy of Sciences (ICCA RAS), 2022.

The journal/collection of scientific articles “China in World and Regional Politics. History and Modernity” has been published annually by the Institute of China and Contemporary Asia of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ICCA RAS) (before July 2022 – Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the RAS) since 1996. The main topics of the journal are international relations of the PRC, Russian-Chinese strategic partnership, China’s foreign economic policy and history of Russian-Chinese relations.

The 27th issue of the journal includes articles by specialists from seven departments of the ICCA RAS, as well as from research institutions in Russia and abroad. In 2022, the team of authors was replenished with 11 new names of scientists from the RF, Pakistan and Serbia.

The section “International Relations of the People’s Republic of China. Russia-China Strategic Partnership” is represented by three thematic blocks. The first block is devoted to the analysis of Russia-China relations and the PRC’s foreign policy in the light of new international realities caused by the events in Ukraine, primarily anti-Russian sanctions. This has become special feature of the 2022 issue. The second block deals with peculiarities of China’s international course and foreign policy ideology on the eve of the 20th Congress of the CPC. The third block contains articles on China’s policy toward a number of regions (APR, South Asia, Latin America), international structures (RCEP, TPP, SCO, Indo-Pacific Partnership) and individual countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan). Such issues as COVID-19 pandemic as a factor of expansion of China’s global influence, Chinese “soft power” in Central Asia and activities of Confucius Institutes are also discussed. The section “Foreign Economic Policy of the PRC” includes works on Sino-Serbian economic relations, China’s transport activities in Eurasia, and features of China’s exports during the COVID pandemic.

The collection also contains works on rare and/or discussion issues: institutional competition in the Asia-Pacific region, causes of Sinophobia in South Korea, importance of the Rothschild family capital for China’s foreign economic position and, in the “History of Russian-Chinese Relations” section, – analysis of archival materials on the Russian-Chinese border incident in the mid-18th century.

Keywords: China, Russia, international relations, PRC foreign policy, Russian-Chinese strategic partnership, security, institutional competition, APR, South Asia, Latin America, RCEP, TTP, SCO, “Indo-Pacific Partnership”, Central Asia, “soft power”, foreign economic relations, history of Russian-Chinese relations.

China in World and Regional Politics. History and Modernity

Founder and Publisher: Institute of China and Contemporary Asia of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ICCA RAS).

This periodical edition/journal (ISSN: 2618-6888) is a peer-reviewed analytical yearbook (collection of research articles) published by the Institute of China and Contemporary Asia of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ICCA RAS) since 1996. It provides a solid platform for academics, public figures and practitioners to share their knowledge and assessments of China’s international relations, foreign economic activities and diplomatic history.

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Editorial Board. Alexander V. LOMANOV – Professor of the RAS, Dr. Sc. (History); Alka ACHARYA (India) – Professor; Arild MOE (Norway) – Research Professor; Elena I. SAFRONOVA – Ph.D. (Economics) (Executive Editor, Compiler); Kirill V. BABAEV – Dr. Sc. (Philology), Professor; Natalia A. ZAMARAEVA – Ph.D. (History); Sergey I. LOUNEV – Dr. Sc. (History), Professor; Sergey V. UYANAEV – Ph.D. (History); Shahida WIZARAT (Pakistan) – Dr., Professor; Vasily V. MIKHEEV – Academician of the RAS, Dr. Sc. (Economics); Vladimir M. MAZYRIN – Dr. Sc. (Economics), Associate Professor; Vladimir Ye. PETROVSKY – Dr. Sc. (Political Science); Yana V. LEKSYUTINA – Professor of the RAS, Dr. Sc. (Political Science); Yonghui LI (LI Yonghui) (China) – Dr. Sc. (Law), Professor.

Branch of science (in the Russian Federation):

03.00.00  History. Historical Science

06.51.00  World Economy. International Economic Relations

11.25.91 Theory and Practices of International Relations, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy of Individual Countries


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