Author:Alexandrova Maria Viktorovna, Balakin Vyacheslav Ivanovich, Vasiliev Leonid Evgenievich, Vinogradov Andrey Olegovich, Klimenko Anatoly Filippovich, Kulikova Galina Veniaminovna, Kulintsev Yuri Viktorovich, Lomanov Alexander Vladimirovich, Luzyanin Sergey Gennadievich, Matveev Vladimir Alexandrovich, Merkulov Katenary Katenarievich, Petrovsky Vladimir Evgenievich, Sazonov Sergey Leonidovich, Sarkisova Galina Ivanovna, Safronova Elena Ilyinichna, Уянаев Сергей Владимирович, Sharonova Victoria Gennadievna, ⋅and others.
Pages: 416
ISBN: ISBN 978-5-8381-0355-0
Library: IFES RAS
Year: 2019
Link: RSCI
Notes: China in world and regional politics. History and modernity. Issue XXIV: annual edition / editor-in-chief E.I.Safronova. – M.: IFES RAS, 2019– – 416 p.
The XXIV issue includes articles by employees of five research centers of the Institute of the Far East of the Russian Academy of Sciences and consists of three sections: “International Relations of the People’s Republic of China. Russian-Chinese Strategic Partnership”, “China’s Foreign Economic Policy” and “History of Russian-Chinese Relations and Bilateral Economic Ties”. The authors continued the analysis of the most pressing problems of China’s foreign policy and foreign economic relations. A special feature of the issue was the consideration of a number of aspects of the Russian-Chinese comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction in the light of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, such as cooperation in Northeast Asia and within the framework of the SCO on the implementation of the concept of the Greater Eurasian Partnership and the Silk Road Economic Belt initiative, as well as through people’s diplomacy. China’s international activity in various bilateral and regional areas is characterized, namely: relations with the EU, the likely prospects of the Sino-American trade conflict in 2019, China’s policy and practical activities in the Middle East, South Asia, the Arctic region, China’s position on the Venezuelan crisis. The issues of the international significance of the “Chinese model” of reforms are highlighted, as well as the peculiarities of the PRC’s foreign economic course in the development of international automobile communication, the PRC’s position in the global energy market, the specifics of Chinese imports of forest products from the Russian Federation. The collection also contains articles on rare topics from the history of China’s foreign policy and Russian-Chinese economic relations.Keywords: China, Russia, China’s foreign policy, Russian-Chinese relations, Eurasia, Northeast Asia, Sino-American trade conflict, Arctic, Venezuela, One Belt, One Road Initiative, Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB), Greater Eurasian Partnership, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).